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Sverak diplomerad uppfödare

Buying a cat from me means that:

* The kitten is at least 13-16 weeks old on delivery

* Double vaccinated

* Chip labeled

* Veterinary inspection before delivery

* Animals insured in Agria

* Registered with pedigree in SVERAK

* Castrated before delivery

* Advanced payment of SEK 2 000: - not refundable in case of regret

* Fertile cat can be discussed (note that kittens for breeding are only sold to registered breeders as HCM scans their breeding animals regularly)

* Of course, lifelong support of me is included

Please notice that I always reserve the right to choose which home the cat end up in.

By the buyer I wish:

* That you visit the cat before reservation

* Upon delivery, the cat's existing insurance will be taken over

* Revaccination of the cat annually

* A loveling and lifelong home

Are you interested and want to know more please email me name, email address and a short description of how the cat will get it in the new home.

If interested please contact us with below form


Maine Coon MCO Mainecoons uppfödare katt