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SE*Big Lynx´s Thyme

Nickname: Diva

Breed: MCO

Color: f 02 62

Gender: Hona

Born: 2018-05-27

Father: I Love You Luxury Coons, SK (n 03)

Mother: SE*KobbaCat´s Darling (f 02 21 62)

SE*Big Lynx´s Thyme

This little star I have had the privilege of following since birth. She looked out at a very fast pace and straightened out into the hill with her delicious drawing on her face. I fell in love at the first sight! A busy girl with an absolutely outstanding temperament. She is so soft and nice in her way and takes us all by storm. She leaves no one unmarried. She comes from lines that appeal to us a lot, making it extra exciting to see what the future has to offer, as we hope she will be our future breeder. Of course, we want to showcase our little gem, so exhibitions will be a lot in the future! It will be so exciting to follow this girl!

CH SE*Sankt Halvard´s Miss Marmalade

Nickname: Inez

Breed: MCO

Color: f 03 22

Gender: Female

Born: 2017-01-05

Father: SE*Cooligan´s Devin (d 09 22)

Mother: SE*Sankt Halvard´s Git Gay (f 09 22)

SMA N/N by parents

HCM N/N by parents

PK-def N/PK DNA test UC Davis

HCM scan NORMAL 2017-12-12

by cardiologist Miriam Höllmer

HD test NORMAL/NORMAL 2017-12-12

by Miriam Höllmer

SE*Sankt Halvard´s Miss Marmalade

When we saw a picture of Miss Marmalade as a newborn, we knew immediately, she wants us! To our great happiness, it became so. Of course, we immediately fell for her incredibly beautiful coverage and color, but she obviously has more nice features. She is a very beautiful female with a fantastic temperament. Self confident, curious and always forward. She is not a knee cat because she has too much jump in her legs. There will be something fun all the time. We love her so incredibly much and are so grateful to be her family and part of her life. We hope very much for Miss Marmalade in the future and you will find us at a lot of exhibits, when she is a cool Maine Coon as garnish shows up.

GIP SE*Sankt Halvard´s Lexus

Breed: MCO

Color: d 09 22

Gender: Male/Neuter

Born: 2016-07-30

Father: SE*Cooligan´s Devin (d 09 22)

Mother: SE*Sankt Halvard´s Git Gay (f 09 22)

We searched for a long time for "THAT" Maine Coon before we found Lexus. Lexus has everything we were looking for. His appearance appeals to us and the personality he possesses is unbeatable. A heart of gold and kindness like a lamb. He is a real cozy boy who would like to be worn. Since he is a heavy Main Coon guy at 9 kg, we also get well-behaved arms on the purchase. He likes to lie under his cherry tree and smells of the flowers all the days, this big and horrifying lynx. We love him to the moon and back. Lexus will show up on cat shows a little over there, since he's too good to just stay home and laze around.

SE*Sankt Halvard´s Lexus

S*Silver Oak´s Sweet as Candy

Nickname: Ester

Breed: MCO

Color: n 09

Gender: Female/Neutered

Born: 2007-11-09

Father: EC Mating Ciska (n 22)

Mother: S*AngelCoon´s Willow (fs 09 24)

This beautiful Maine Coon lady is our very first MCO. Ester was then 2.5 years old and former breeding female of a breeder in Norrköping (Sweden). Nowadays, she lives a quiet life with us as a neuter. All that happens is on her terms. A very determined "Coonis" who likes to decide where the cabinet should stand. She's the mother's oracle when she please be close to me. Ester is so nice to the other cats, when she likes to get into a mommy and shows them to correct. A very wise and in every way special cat. She gives us lots of love and together we hope for many nice years to come. When Ester prefers peace, we respect her will and let her stay home when we go to exhibitions.

S*Silver Oak´s Sweet as Candy

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